What Is It Like To Struggle With Relationships?

If you are experiencing relationship difficulties, you may find it hard to connect and share intimacy with others. You may have some issues around trust in relationships, or you may struggle to communicate your feelings in order to feel heard and understood.

You may have struggled with a significant relationship breakdown, whether with a partner, a family member or an important friend. This can be a devastating experience, leaving you feeling rejected, abandoned and emotionally overwhelmed. You may be struggling with hurt and anger over someone’s breach of trust, or guilt and shame over things that you should or should not have done.

Relationship difficulties can cause you to doubt yourself and feel that you are unworthy of happiness. They can also trigger emotional eating and binge drinking as a way of soothing your painful feelings.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is a space where you can explore current and past relationships. You may have unresolved issues from past relationships that are somehow playing out in your current relationships.

Your therapist will help you explore patterns of behaviour, and ways of communicating how you feel that are contributing to your current problems. Improving relationships involves learning skills and tools such as:

  • Connecting through eye contact, positive body language and open conversation
  • Understanding other people’s emotions
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Improving communication skills by identifying your own frustrations and separating them from what you think the other person is saying
  • Identifying needs in relationships and working towards acceptable compromises
  • Learning how to manage conflicts in a productive way

It takes courage to acknowledge how you truly feel in a relationship. It may be painful sitting with the reality of your situation, but from here you can start to re-write what happens next, taking each step one at a time.

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Self Help For Relationships

You may not be ready to talk to us yet, so here are some self-help strategies to help you with your current relationship:

  1. Make time to spend with your partner on a regular basis.
  2. Maintain healthy relationships with others outside of your couple relationship.
  3. Take time to listen to your partner.
  4. Think about what might be going on underneath seemingly trivial arguments.
  5. Communicate your thoughts and feelings with your partner.
  6. Do something unexpected to show your partner you love them.