Nutritional therapy

Transition your body back to optimum health

Nutritional Therapy For Mental & Physical Wellbeing

When we look at health on a continuum, nutritional therapy can interrupt a slide towards illness and disease, and help you transition your body back to optimal health.

Nutritional therapy works well with stress, hormonal imbalances, lack of energy and autoimmune conditions by helping you rebalance the nutritional balance of your body.

Specific functional tests are available that help us understand what your body is lacking or missing. Better health is created through dietary changes and nutritional supplements.

Nourishing the mind and body with nutrients can significantly change the way we think and feel, and be a huge benefit for anybody struggling with mental health.

Feel well

If you are interested in our services, arrange a call with our friendly team.

We want to understand what is going on for you, so we can match you with the right practitioner.

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Managing mental health

While physical illnesses due to nutrient intake inadequacies take years to grow, most of us do not understand the direct impact of our food choices on our mood and feelings.

  • Certain foods can either have a positive or negative impact on our mood. Likewise, our mood can also have an impact on our eating behaviour
  • Some foods might aggravate the symptoms of depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety, panic attacks, food cravings, stress, memory loss and unclear thinking
  • Mood swings, stress or depression can lead to disordered eating patterns, like restrictive eating or binge eating
  • Many people might use food as a means to alleviate pain or stress. This relief is short lived, and emotional eaters will soon resume their negative thoughts and feelings.

In many people with poor mental health, essential vitamin, mineral and omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies are commonly seen. Fuelling your body with the right nutrients will help you feel better, sleep well and have the energy that you need to manage your mental health.

Living with energy & vitality

Tiredness and fatigue are common symptoms with poor mental health. Long days, high stress and a poor work/life balance just adds to the mix of exhaustion, resulting in poor sleep and your body running on empty.

Here are some of the conditions you may be struggling with:

  • Lack of essential nutrients
  • Improper digestion and absorption
  • Toxic inhibition
  • Imbalanced hormones
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Allergies and intolerances

Nutritional therapy can address all of these symptoms, and treatment will focus on changing the way you eat and how you manage your lifestyle, so you have the nutrients and energy to live optimally.

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine combines individual health and personalised nutrition to provide you with a bespoke treatment plan. This is how it works:

  • Functional Medicine is a systems biology approach to health, which takes into account all components of the human biological system and how they dynamically interact together, and with the environment
  • It recognises that illness and wellness are part of a continuum, and that the client or patient is in the process of moving along that continuum
  • It focuses on restoring health by digging deeper to find the underlying cause of the imbalance, rather than ameliorating presenting symptoms
  • It’s an individualised approach as each client presents a unique, complex and dynamic set of genetic, environmental and lifestyle influences
  • The client’s health timeline, and how they have arrived at their current state of health or dis-ease, is illustrated throughout the consultations

Functional medicine explores the relationship between nutrition, neurotransmitters, endocrine and immune function, and how this can affect psychological health, wellbeing and mood.

How can i access Nutritional Therapy?

There are different ways you can access Nutritional Therapy at EmotionMatters.


Google Meet




Here are our prices for nutritional therapy consultations at EmotionMatters. We like to be upfront and clear about the cost of our services.

An initial nutritional therapy session is 90-minutes in length. Follow-up sessions, their length and frequency will be discussed and agreed between yourself and the nutritional therapist.

Please book a call with our friendly assessment team, and they can answer any questions you have about our nutritional therapy services, and get you booked in for an initial session.

Nutritional Therapy Initial Package

We know that lasting change, needs time and support to create healthy eating habits, and a more balanced relationship with food.

Our initial package of Nutritional Therapy offers you tailored and motivational support, and saves you money as well.

Nutritional Therapy Introduction Package – £625

  • 90 minute initial session
    • Comprehensive client report and handouts
    • 20-minute check-in (by phone or email correspondence)
  • 40 minute follow-up session
    • 20 minute check-in (by phone or email correspondence)
  • 40 minute follow-up session

* Includes 30 minutes for report creation and email support