Work deeper to change patterns that are limiting your life


Psychotherapy is a type of talking therapy, and like counselling, provides a space where you can work through problems and life issues with a trained professional.

Psychotherapy often works deeper than counselling, and can help you change deep-rooted patterns that may be limiting the way you live your life.

Your psychotherapist will ask about the problems you are bringing to therapy, the changes you are looking for, and why you think you are getting stuck.

They will help you unpack your story, so you understand how and why certain patterns and problems are present in your life. This will open up opportunities to manage situations in a new and healthier way.

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What issues can I bring to psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a space where you can work through challenging patterns, stressful relationships and compulsive behaviours that are limiting your life in some way.

What are psychotherapy sessions like?

The relationship you develop with your therapist is the most important factor that can determine a successful outcome in psychotherapy. That is why we ask all new psychotherapy clients to attend a Free 30 Minute Session to meet their psychotherapist.

This way you get a sense of how they can support you, and visit our practice to see if the psychotherapy space feels comfortable, before you make an informed decision to move ahead with sessions.

  • Sessions are 50-minutes in length
  • Weekly therapy commitment
  • Short-term focused, or medium to long-term in length
  • You will agree the length and focus of your sessions
  • Focused outcomes for change

You will be encouraged to talk about your problems or issues, express your emotions as you experience them, and develop an awareness to notice the thoughts you have. Your psychotherapist will listen to you carefully, reflect back what they have heard, challenge you when necessary, ask questions to help you explore things further and show empathy for your feelings and experience.

Psychotherapy will support you in rebalancing how you see and understand things, how you process and regulate your feelings, and how you act and behave in your daily life. Many people experience greater self-confidence, a calmer headspace, more contentment and happiness, and greater ease in making positive choices for their life.

How can i access Psychotherapy?

There are different ways you can access Psychotherapy at EmotionMatters.





Our Prices For Psychotherapy

Here are our prices for psychotherapy at EmotionMatters. We like to be upfront and clear about the cost of our services.

You can either pay as you go, or get a discount when you pay for a block of 6-sessions in advance.

Our off-peak sessions are slightly cheaper, and cover any sessions starting at 9am, 9:30am, 10am and 10:30am in the morning, and 2pm, 3pm or 4pm in the afternoon, Monday to Friday.

Please book a call with our friendly assessment team, and they will help you find the right therapist for you, at a price that fits your budget.

Level Of Therapist Standard Rate Off-Peak Rate
Individual Session 6-Session Block Individual Session 6-Session Block
Clinical Director £150 £800 NA NA
Advanced Therapist £120 £630 £105 £540
Senior Therapist £110 £590 £95 £510
Therapist 2 £100 £530 £85 £450
Therapist 1 £90 £470 £75 £390
Trainee Therapist £60 £330 NA NA


We have a very experienced team of therapists who often work in an integrative way, combining different perspectives and treatment interventions from the therapeutic modalities you see below.