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Psychiatric Assessment

People often decide to see a psychiatrist when they are worried about their mental health, symptoms they are experiencing, or their level of emotional distress. You may be struggling with work relationships, family issues or medical conditions.

Symptoms may include low mood, poor concentration, insomnia, mood swings, lack of energy, poor memory, negative thinking, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. Your symptoms may ebb and flow, but become more intense during periods of heightened stress.

Psychiatrists train as medical doctors, and then specialise in the area of mental health. They go through rigorous training to be able to assess and diagnose, what sometimes can be quite complex mental health presentations.

This experience means your psychiatrist can create a bespoke treatment plan to help you move away from your personal cluster of symptoms and difficulties, and move towards greater levels of functioning and happiness.

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What might psychiatric treatment include?

What are psychiatry sessions like?

The initial session with your psychiatrist is 90-minutes, and involves an assessment and evaluation of your current situation. Your psychiatrist will want to get to know you, and ask about the problems you are facing, the symptoms you are experiencing, and how this is affecting your life. It is important that you feel your psychiatrist hears and understands your struggle, and that you feel you can work together with them.

At the end of your initial session, your psychiatrist may recommend some blood tests, or other medical tests, that would inform a clearer picture of your symptoms and condition. They will discuss whether you would like them to contact your GP, so you can have these tests done through the NHS, or explain the costs of any tests if you choose to do them privately.

Your psychiatrist may also decide that no medical investigations are necessary, and choose to prescribe you with a medication, or combination of medications, to help you reduce your symptoms and improve the way you manage everyday life. Again you will have the option of your psychiatrist contacting your GP with a recommended prescription, or you can choose to pay for a private prescription.

Follow-up assessments are either 60-minutes or 40-minutes, and will be necessary to explore the results of any medical tests, or to see how you are managing with your new medication. This allows further shaping of your treatment protocol, including any changes to your medications or dosage, and ensures that you are adjusting the best you can to any changes in lifestyle or symptom management.and greater ease in making positive choices for their life.

How can i access Psychiatry?

There are different ways you can access Psychiatry at EmotionMatters.


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Our Prices For Psychiatry

Here are our prices for psychiatry sessions at EmotionMatters. We like to be upfront and clear about the cost of our services.

An initial psychiatric assessment is 90-minutes in length. Follow-up sessions, their length and frequency will be discussed and agreed between yourself and the psychiatrist.

Please book a call with our friendly assessment team, and they can answer any questions you have about our psychiatric services, and get you booked in for an initial session.

Session Length Price
90 Minutes £400
60 Minutes £350
40 Minutes £280