Disordered Eating

What Does It Feel Like To Struggle With Disordered Eating?

We all struggle with some form of disordered eating at some point in our lives. Eating because we are stressed, because we are emotional or eating in a way that promotes poor health.

You may feel out of control with food, eating large amounts of food, quickly. Or you may start restricting food, because you need to feel in control when the world around you feels chaotic.

People who are emotional eaters are more likely to feel out of control and stressed. They often struggle with confidence and feel worthless. Sometimes they will use food as an instant comfort, and at times food will provide relief, gratification or reward.

You may eat junk food, and feel guilty afterwards. You may experience numbness or a dulling sensation of your emotions. Food may alleviate pain or stress, but this relief is short lived as you feel negative about your eating behaviour.


The current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global situation is affecting us all.

We understand that the uncertainty and disruption to daily life this brings, can be an extra burden for people who are already struggling with anxiety, depression and other aspects of mental health.

All of our therapists are experienced in delivering remote sessions using Zoom, Skype and FaceTime, which means your therapy can continue online without disruption.

Our four central London locations currently remain open, and we are happy to see you in person as well.

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We value creating a personal therapy that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and this month we have a Spring Promotion to provide greater access to our services. 

Therapy is a space where you can work through challenging patterns, stressful relationships and compulsive behaviours that are limiting your life in some way.

We want to support people who struggle with their mental wellbeing and teach them new skills to manage situations in a healthier way.


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Disordered Eating Treatment

We have a sister website called WeightMatters. Here you will find specific treatment for:

  • Disordered Eating
  • Emotional Eating
  • Stress Eating
  • Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Self-Sabotage

All of our therapists and nutrition team are trained to support you with all presentations of disordered eating.