Body Logic Health Supporting Your Treatment At EmotionMatters

You may struggle to engage with regular exercise because of your mental health. This can often become a vicious cycle, as lack of movement can worsen your mental health symptoms. Body Logic will work sensitively with where you are with your body and mental health, collaborating with your EmotionMatters therapist or nutritionist.

As a team we can support you in building healthy habits and routines, getting you into a winning cycle where you feel better, physically and mentally – especially if you have ever experienced an accident, disease or chronic illness that affects both your mobility and mental health.


The first step of your journey, whether you are looking to build your foundation or elevate your performance, is to understand how you move. Take your health or performance to the next level with the premier movement screening product. Utilised by sports teams around the world, be assessed by our Movement Specialists to understand your movement patterns and faults. 

The Performance Matrix is the most powerful and accurate movement screening, analysis and training system available on the market currently. You will know where to push harder and where to develop more control to help movement efficiency, improve sporting performance or decrease injury risk. It is focused entirely on your goals and your targets.

Improve your Movement Health to improve your well-being, or progress into strength & conditioning training and develop your power, strength and speed. The chance to develop your performance will be in your hands and your body will be ready for the challenges ahead.


Have the effects of an injury prevented you from returning to your normal activities? Are you missing your time in the gym, running or your favourite sport? Body Logic Health can help guide you back to the things you love with our Foundation Training programmes. 

Removing your pain is only the start of your recovery. It is essential to build your foundation and make the changes needed to achieve long term good health and well-being. Our team at Body Logic Health are able to get your health back to where it should be.

Our team focuses on getting you back to your previous levels of activity, returning to the sports field, in the gym or building strength again to allow you to enjoy your training following your injury set back. Working together with your trainer, your exercise programme is designed specifically for you, following your requirements and goals.


Once you are back to doing the things your love, what is next? What do you want to achieve? Body Logic Health can help you to take your journey further and elevate your performance. Are you training for a Marathon, Triathlon or another ultra-event? Are you unable to keep up with the kid when playing football in the park? 

No matter what sport your play, or if you don’t play sports at all, Strength and Conditioning training can help you build consistent speed, strength and muscle endurance, allowing you to become more efficient with your output and obtain the best results.

Once you and our performance specialists fully understand how you move and have developed good movement patterns, you are ready to be pushed harder in your training. The focus moves towards achieving your goals and developing an exciting programme to allow you to enjoy your training while elevating your performance.


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Training doesn’t always have to be in the gym. At Body Logic Health, we exclusively offer reformer Pilates, the ultimate exercise session to assist or challenge the body further to improve your gains. Mix up your training to create a dynamic routine and keep things interesting. 

With Foundation Pilates, you will work to identify and remove many of the restrictions that inhibit your daily living, creating Movement Health allowing you to feel more supple and energised. Foundation Pilates can be your first step to understanding how your body moves, or it can be a great transition from injury and pain as you work towards building your core foundation.

Once you have built a strong foundation, you can move on to developing your performance and build a better you. Pilates is beneficial for everyone and anyone – no matter the level of ability or what sport you are into. If your goal is developing a stronger you, a more flexible and resilient body, then Performance Pilates will certainly help your progression to your goal.