5 Self-Help Interventions For PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can develop following a traumatic event or series of traumatic events you may have experienced or witnessed. Normally the traumatic event creates feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Your body and mind are in shock after the traumatic experience; with PTSD you remain in a psychological shock.


5 Self-Help Interventions For PTSD That Can Help You


  1. Exercise 

By working out, your body releases endorphins which will improve your mood and perspective on life. The focus you will have on your body, and the way you feel whilst working out will assist your nervous system to become less fixated and leave behind the immobilisation stress response. Try focusing on how your body feels instead of focusing on your thoughts. Try walking, running, swimming or dancing! You can also try boxing or weight training, or just spend time in the nature. 


  1. Get in contact with others for support

Although you may feel like disconnecting from others and stop participating in activities you used to enjoy due to your PTSD, it is crucial that you stay in contact with your loved ones. It is not necessary to talk about your trauma, but support and caring from others is vital for your recovery. This can be a friend, family member or a therapist.


  1. Self care and develop a healthy lifestyle

Meditation, massage, and yoga  are great ways of relaxing and activating your body’s relaxation response. Avoid using alcohol or drugs to self-medicate as this might worsen your symptoms. Try to eat healthy and balanced nutritious meals, and get enough sleep as lack of sleep can trigger feelings of anger and irritability. 


  1. Keep a journal 

By taking notes of what happens and how you feel when you have a flashback can help you to detect patterns of what triggers the flashbacks, and also notice early signs that flashbacks are starting to happen. 


  1. Challenge the way you think

Trauma makes you feel helpless and vulnerable therefore it is important that you keep on reminding yourself that although things are hard now, it will get better because you have the strength and coping skills to get you through this. 


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