Building Confidence | Challenging Broken Thinking

Building confidence is an important life skill that requires ongoing effort.

Confidence derives from valuing yourself as a person and believing in your capabilities and strengths. Challenging broken thinking will allow you to change your behaviour and build confidence.

What Is Broken Thinking?

Broken thinking often involves critical self-evaluation and engaging in unhelpful behaviour that reinforces a low self-esteem.

Do you often fear that other people will think that your ideas are not good enough, are stupid, or uninteresting? Do you think you are boring, and do not have anything interesting to share with others?

Broken thinking may be the result of negative life experiences that often lead to negative core beliefs about ourselves, and unrealistic expectations, that feed and maintain the cycle of low self-esteem.

What Is Realistic Thinking?

Realistic thinking can help you build confidence.

It involves developing realistic expectations and balanced self-evaluations by engaging In helpful behaviour and ways of thinking. Here are some examples:

  • Trusting it is ok to open up and be vulnerable
  • Look for positive aspects and attributes in your personality and knowledge, build on those aspects and silence the self-negative inner dialogue.
  • Set small achievable challenges for each day, increase them gradually, and acknowledge your achievements

At EmotionMatters we will help you understand the deeper causes for your lack of confidence, and equip you with different practical tools to work on building self-esteem and confidence.

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