Discounted Therapy Rates With Our New Junior Therapists

We are proud to announce a special discounted therapy rate with our new junior therapists for counselling & psychotherapy, at £60 per session.

Social Responsibility

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we want to reach out to those who struggle with mental health, but who often don’t have the income to access our specialised support.

We offer counselling and psychotherapy treatment for issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction & relationship issues.

Sessions with our new junior therapists will provide you with high-quality support, as they have experience in clinical settings and receive extra training and supervision

Discounted Fees At £60

Our sister practice WeightMatters means that we can also extend our discounted rates to those who struggle with issues around weight, food, eating and body image.

We offer weight loss counselling, bulimia help, binge eating recovery, and treatment for eating disorders tailored to individual need.

Book a block of 6 sessions with our new junior therapists, and start your journey to transforming your relationship with your health and emotions.