5 Opportunities Of Being In Self Isolation

Feeling frustrated, anxious and bored as a result of the uncertainty that comes with the current health crisis is normal. However, during these challenging times, keeping a positive outlook during the self-isolation period will help you come out the other side feeling more resilient.

It is important to give yourself some time and space to adjust to your new routine. You may find yourself going through many different emotions during this period, as you come to terms with the current crisis and adjust to a new way of living. 

By reminding yourself that self-isolation is only a temporary situation, you can focus on the things that are under your control and take advantage of the positive opportunities that can arise from this obstacle. 

Here are 5 opportunities that can come as a result of being in self-isolation:

1. Focus on your overall well-being 

Spending more time at home is a great opportunity to give yourself some well needed time to slow down, restore and recharge. This is your chance to work on your physical and mental health by using the extra time to cook healthy meals, try new recipes, prioritise your sleep, exercise and engage in relaxation and brain healthy activities, such as meditation, yoga and journaling. 

Slowing down is essential for enhancing creativity, focus and clarity so you are more motivated to return to your daily activities when things go back to normal. 

2. Strengthen your relationship with your loved ones

Although maintaining physical distancing is crucial, this doesn’t mean you cannot stay socially connected with your loved ones. This can be a unique opportunity to spend more time with your family, or your flatmates, and to catch up with friends through video technologies. We now have more time to be present in our relationships, and to share our feelings and experiences with people that make us feel understood and valued.

As a tip to enhance your connection with others, think of all the people in your life who’ve had a positive impact on you, and phone them to express your appreciation. This will not only bring you closer to them, but it is a great self-esteem booster!

3. Set new intentions and goals

Having more time in your hands can be a great chance to focus on setting new goals or taking up a new hobby that you’d previously been putting off.  What is something that you would really like to achieve this week?

Self-isolation has provided us with the gift of time to read more books, learn a new language, sign up for a self or professional development course, or start that new side business you’ve always wanted to.

4. Invest in your personal development 

Self-isolation allows us to reassess our priorities, and rediscover our values and meaning in life. We have the time and opportunity to feel discomfort, tolerate uncertainty, observe our thoughts and be more self-compassionate. Take a moment to reflect and think about: 

  • What are you learning about yourself during this period? 
  • What personal goal are you working on?
  • How can you turn this adversity into opportunity?

5. Focus on the wider positive impact on the planet and community 

Social distancing means we are unable to engage in our usual activities, and yet this loss of freedom, although frustrating, helps us view the world from a different perspective, where we can now fully appreciate the things that perhaps previously we took for granted. 

This global pandemic invites a deeper spiritual opportunity. Our shared experience of human suffering in this existential crisis opens us all to greater feelings of compassion, kindness and connection with each other.

Travel restrictions, people staying in and commuting less have all had a positive impact on our planet, giving our environment a much needed break; air quality has improved and carbon emissions have significantly reduced.

We hope these strategies will help you find some peace and positivity during this challenging global crisis. If you are struggling to manage your mental health, talking to a professional will help you find meaning and purpose during COVID-19.

Our counselling and psychotherapy team will support you in gaining a better understanding of how this crisis is affecting you, and support you in building resources so you can find good mental health and positive opportunities in the months ahead.

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