What Is Social Anxiety? | Signs Of Social Anxiety

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, is a form of anxiety where you become very worried and anxious about what other people may think of you, or how they are going to judge you. As a result, you may have great difficulty in being in social situations, which can affect your day-to-day life.

Some common events that might generate anxiety include meeting new people, talking in meetings or in groups, initiating conversations, eating or drinking in public, going to work or school, going shopping or using public transport.

We all experience anxiety from time to time during certain situations, but people struggling with social anxiety can have excessively worrying thoughts about what others might think of them, before or after being in a particular situation.

Signs Of Social Anxiety Disorder

Here are some ways that social anxiety can manifest:

  • An intense fear of social situations. You are afraid that you might behave in an awkward or humiliating way that will make other people think that you are stupid, such as public speaking, presenting, taking part in group discussions at school or work.
  • You might be anxious about meeting strangers, such as having a meal in public spaces.
  • You may have weeks of anxiety prior to a social event or an event where you have to perform.
  • You start to avoid social situations as much as possible.
  • If you attend a feared situation, you might experience physical symptoms of anxiety, such as heart palpitations, tremor, stomach pains, sweating, headaches, blushing easily.

If you are experiencing symptoms of social anxiety disorder is important that you seek treatment. Your symptoms, even when they are severe, can improve with the right interventions.

Our team at EmotionMatters can help you get your life back on track. We have a multidisciplinary team who can help you overcome social anxiety:

Psychotherapists – talking therapy to break stuck patterns of thinking and ritualistic behaviour

Nutritional Therapy – diet, lifestyle and health interventions to balance your body chemistry

Psychiatry – medical assessment and anti-anxiety medications

Online Therapy & Counselling

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