RebalAnce your eating for a healty mind + body

Food is medicine. When our eating is disordered and we have an imbalance of nutrients, our mind and body will start to struggle.

Our dietician will help you understand the basics of food chemistry so you can make informed dietary choices to improve your mental health, and to prevent and treat, illness and disease.

Coaching you on habit and behaviour change is an essential aspect of our work. We will help you prepare and plan for the lifestyle changes required to reach your goals.

We have a wealth of experience in working with mental health conditions, weight management, and eating disorder recovery.

Feel well

Tell us what is going on for you, and let us explain how we can help

Eating well & mental health

If you are struggling with mental health problems, you may also struggle with your weight, feel tired and experience low mood.

You may always feel hungry, and use food as a way of dealing with your emotions, or any stressful events. On the other hand, others might restrict their food intake in response to stressors or negative emotions.

Feeling hungrier, or losing your appetite in food can either be a consequence of the mental health disorder itself, or can also be the result of certain medications and treatments.

Eating a balanced diet that consists of the right amounts of healthy carbohydrates, essential fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins and water, and exercising more regularly, is important for mental health:

  • Your mental health symptoms may improve without the need for medication
  • In more severe cases where medication might be an essential part of treatment, some of the possible side effects could be alleviated with the help of nutrition
  • Human nutrition is important for treating several mental health disorders that can be exacerbated by dietary reasons
  • Improved mood and wellbeing

Dietician support

We know that a balanced and healthy diet will promote optimal mental health, and we know that managing this with metal health problems can be challenging.

Our dietician support at EmotionMatters can:

  • Integrate with treatment you are receiving from your GP or Consultant
  • Support the work your are doing with your counsellor or psychotherapist
  • Rebalance your brain chemistry and calm your physiology
  • Promote greater emotional and physical wellbeing

How can i access Dietician Support?

There are different ways you can access Dietician Support at EmotionMatters.